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Overall Operation of Portable Evaporative Cooler Along with Its Strengths

The evaporative coolers deliver a natural way of cooling the room environment by offering a constant flow of fresh and cool air to keep you pleasant during summer. When place next to an open window or door, they can draw outside air and make it pass through moisture rich pads. This system cools and filters the warm air which is then circulated in the room. The fresh cool air getting into the room flushes out the stale hot air through the open doors and windows.

Most evaporated coolers are likely to be fairly heavy and slightly bulky which can make them tough to carry around from room to room. While they may do an good job, sometimes they are needed in different rooms as they do not always access every single room of the house. For this intention portable evaporated coolers have been created and they make things a whole lot simpler.

If you live in an area where the temperature is hot and dry, you can use a portable evaporative cooler instead of air-conditioners. These coolers are simple elegant systems that give your relief from rising temperature without increasing your electric bills. Since these devices are portable, you can relocate them from one room to another with ease. They also decrease your investment as a single machine can be used to cool several rooms in your home.

These coolers are also the excellent alternative for people who don't possess an air conditioner or are looking to replace their air conditioners with a unit that is not expensive. If you are planning to buy evaporative coolers or also known as swamp coolers, you can find out more about the various models offered by online and offline vendors. Before you buy a cooler, make sure you check the space available and the area you intend to cool. If you have several rooms in your home, you can get a portable evaporative cooler. They can aid in cooling several rooms in your home as they moved from one room to another.

There are benefits that portable coolers give which you do not have with other types of coolers. A roof mounted Cooler is more difficult to access and maintain. It also cools the house with a larger motor that uses more power. This is not necessary if only one or two rooms of the house are used at a time. Window coolers are more accessible but are too tricky to move from room to room. Portable Coolers are perfect for moving to different areas of the home when needed.

Today, there are several manufactures that make portable evaporative coolers based on the requirements of the users. The design of the machine will vary depending on the area you want to cool and the space available. For instance, if you want to cool a small to medium sized room, you can get a 10-inch personal portable evaporative cooler. These units can be used in your home or office and can cool an area of up to 750 square feet. When purchasing these devices, make sure you take into account of prices and functions. Prices of the appliance with limited functions is usually low when compared to machine that has various features.


SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer

Product Features

  • Remote Control
  • 10L water tank capacity
  • Nylon and Photocatalystic filter
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Ionizer to Purify Air

Product Description

This Evaporative Air Cooler, Humidifier, and Fan with Ionizer is versatile, lightweight and economical. The Cooler easily rolls from room to room for use anywhere in your house or office. This Air Cooler shoots a stream of air with oscillating louvers, to evenly distribute refreshing cool air. Can also be used as a fan or humidifier if temperature is not an issue. - plus get the air cleaning benefits of the ionic air purifier. The remote control allows you to easily change settings.The Air Cooler works by endothermic reaction (a reaction that consumes heat), so this evaporative Air Cooler sucks air through a wick saturated with water. As the air flows through the wick, some of the water evaporates into the air, consuming the heat that was in the air. An air stream is then blown out the front of the unit and is considerably cooler than the current room temperature! This is not an air conditioner and therefore uses much less energy. The unit works well in dry climates; not very effective in areas with high humidity as the unit utilizes water to cool.
Portable Evaporative Cooler~SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer